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Kinetic Inride Bluetooth

  • kr 1.199,00
he Kinetic Heart Rate Strap uses the Bluetooth Smart™ communication protocol found in the iPhone 4S and 5 series and the iPad 3, 4, Mini and Air and iPod Touch 5th generation to wirelessly pair with the new Kinetic inRide iPhone App* to measure heart rate. The heart rate strap will also work with other 3rd party apps using Bluetooth Smart™ for device pairing.

*AVAILABLE FOR iPhone 4S, 5 series, iPad 3, 4, Mini and Air and the iPod Touch 5th generation (NOT AN iPAD-SPECIFIC APP)


  • Kinetic Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Strap pairs with Apple devices (listed at left) using the Bluetooth Smart communication protocol.
  • Kinetic inRide app has 5 different data screens allowing riders to focus on wattage (when using inRide Pod) or heart rate.
  • Personalized power and heart rate zone info based on rider lactate threshold or maximum heart rate.
  • Auto-calculated wattage and HR zones show current, average, and max heart rate and total time spent in each training zone during workout.
  • Calorie burn tracks energy expenditure when you configure user data including: age, weight, and height.
  • Tracks lap splits
  • Ride History logs results from entire workout history, organized by date in the history tab.
  • Upload workouts to popular training and workout-sharing web sites.
  • Email data in .pwx, .tcx, .csv, .gpx, or .wf files for upload and analysis.
  • Music-player control screen to access library
  • User can choose a­ny iPhone case and bike mount system (not included with inRide).


  • Kinetic inRide Heart Rate Monitor
  • Batteries
  • Kinetic inRide iPhone App (free at Apple App Store)
  • 2-year warranty
  • iPhone and case and bike mount not included